At Optimal Dental, we strive to use the latest technology to deliver you results that will meet your expectations. Allowing us to perform the treatment in an efficient, relaxed and comfortable manner. The following are some of the technology and facilities that we utilise at our practice, in order for you to gain an understanding of how they may help achieve high quality results.


A Laser based technology that allows us to check whether there is decay below the surface of your teeth. The Diagnodent Dental Laser is only used on teeth which have not been restored before or where there is some doubt as to whether decay is present.

Digital X-rays

A great advance in dental technology, the Digital X-ray system reduces normal X-ray exposure by 90%. Digital X-rays also allow virtually instant viewing of the affected tooth on the monitor, when we need to know quickly what is going on.

Digital Photographs

On your initial visit to Optimal Dental we will take several digital photographs of your teeth. These images are then linked to your clinical record on our computer. You may also take a copy of them home creating your own home dental records.

Intra-Oral Camera

This allows us to show you, what we see. Also taken during your initial consultation, the Intra Oral Camera enables Dr Roman Lohyn to accurately document your oral well-being.

Single Visit Ceramic Restorations (CEREC)

Don’t like waiting several weeks for your Ceramic Restoration?

CEREC is the most effective restoration process available to date. Enabling Ceramic Restorations to be completed within just one dental appointment, CEREC saves you time in the dental chair.

Located in Melbourne, Optimal Dental is committed to providing patients with advanced dentistry techniques. CEREC is the most practical and affordable Ceramic Restoration process and at Optimal Dental we are enthusiastic to provide this service to patients.

CEREC (Ceramic restorations) is revolutionising the dental profession. No longer is it necessary to undergo messy impressions or wait for extensive laboratory work to be completed. Your Ceramic Restoration is created while you are in the dental chair. Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced computer technology, CEREC provides extensive benefits to patients. Ceramic Restorations which may be created with CEREC, include Ceramic Veneers, Crowns, Inlays and Onlays.

A computerised system that, in one visit only, designs and makes tooth-coloured restorations out of porcelain, which have a wear resistance and durability almost identical to that of natural tooth substance. What used to involve taking moulds (impressions) of the teeth, and took two visits usually two to three weeks apart can now be done in one visit with no impressions at all. Instead, the prepared tooth is scanned with a special intra-oral camera and the restoration is designed on a computer monitor, following which it is then literally carved out of a block of dental porcelain with specially designed diamond drills. The results are extraordinarily life like both in look and feel.

Optimal Dental will attempt exceed your expectations and help you achieve the smile you want. Dr Roman Lohyn looks forward to caring for your oral needs.

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