TMJ & Chirodontic Treatment

Experiencing frequent headaches, sore sensitive teeth, a stiff neck, ear ache or popping jaw joints?

You may be one of the many undiagnosed TMJ Dysfunction sufferers. TMJ & Chirodontic Treatment seeks to amend this oral condition, helping you to re-establish harmony within the mouth.

Located in Melbourne, Optimal Dental is committed to helping you cope and recover from TMJ Dysfunction. We have identified the need for TMJ and Chirodontic Treatment and are enthusiastic to offer these services to patients.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) refers to the two joints located in front of the ears. Essential in many ways, these joints enable us to open and close our mouths as well as chew, breathe, swallow, talk, kiss and yawn. Incorrect jaw alignment can be very uncomfortable and result in chronic facial pain for sufferers. TMJ and Chirodontic Treatment uses the combined knowledge of the mouth, teeth, jaw, oral and facial tissue to amend this condition.

Through the effective incorporation of this information Dr Roman Lohyn will help restore your oral well-being.

At Optimal Dental our team is motivated to care for your oral needs. Dr. Lohyn has studied this subject over many years in many countries and looks forward to helping you restore your bite and to open, close and chew with comfort.

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