Patient Experience

First Visit

Along with striving to satisfy and meet the needs of our current patients, we also welcome new patients to our dental clinic and look forward to providing them with a comfortable and memorable first visit. Below we have a basic outline of what you can expect during your first visit at Optimal Dental, in Melbourne.

  1. Upon your arrival, a member of our team will welcome you in and offer their assistance to you
  2. If you haven’t already filled out a New Patient Form, you will then be required to complete one. Feel free to express any of your queries or concerns to our staff who are more than happy to help you.
  3. You will then be taken to our treatment area and introduced to your dentist, Dr. Roman Lohyn . To gain an overview of your current oral state, Dr. Lohyn will then perform a Comprehensive Dental Assessment which will include:
      • Full Comprehensive Examination
      • Diagnostic X-Rays (If required)
      • Digital photographs of your teeth.
      • Request for any further records/information/assessments as appropriate

With relatively straightforward cases Dr. Lohyn will be able to advise you then and there about your treatment needs but typically Dr Lohyn will assess and analyse your records after you have left so he can think about your case, make a thorough and accurate assessment of the state of your oral health, and bring together the feasible options for treatment, including answers to "how long", "how much" and any other information you will need to make an informed decision. At the end of this process it is our goal that you have a thorough and accurate idea as to what is going on, seeing on the photos, which we will send to you, what Dr.Lohyn has seen, the priorities for treatment, the options available, and the time and costs involved. Only then can you genuinely make an informed decision. And only then do we make appointments for treatment.

Contact us today to arrange for a consultation and revitalise your smile.

Medical and Dental History

As a new patient we will request that you complete a medical and dental history form to help us best facilitate in providing you with high quality treatment. For your convenience we have made this form available online.

Visit the online patient form.


Only pay the difference with HICAPS, if you are a member of a health fund. Simply bring your card to your next appointment and we are able to send, receive and process your health fund requests in just a short amount of time.

Health Funds

If you are a member of a health fund, Optimal Dental is able to process your request within a few minutes through our HICAPS machines. For more detail on our health fund procedures or to book an appointment, contact Optimal Dental today.

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