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View MoreThe Silent Epidemic The Works – Periodontal

It is estimated that 75% or more of the population has periodontal disease to some extent. It smells just as bad by its other name – pyorrhea! It is the main reason by far for most adults losing the......

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View MoreJoints- your TMJ is a joint

In order to move more easily, joints must be lubricated. Synovial fluid is produced by cells in the body, for this function and the quality (consistency) and quantity of this fluid will be a determ......

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View MoreHolistic Dentistry and Your Health

In discussing Holistic Dentistry, we acknowledge that no one part of the body operates in isolation from the rest of the body. Everything everywhere in the body, has an effect, however subtle, everyw......

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View MoreWhat can you do to look after one of the most important parts of your body?

FIRSTLY, RECOGNISE THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR TEETH. Do you realise all the benefits which derive from having a healthy set of teeth? 1. SEX APPEAL. A nice smile, and nice looking teeth, are on......

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View MoreAre your silver fillings making you sick?

Every time you eat or chew, no matter how conscientious you are about your health, you could be slowly but surely poisoning yourself? This is the startling conclusion which could be drawn after rev......

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View MoreAll about Teeth Whitening

This is the most sought after procedure and certainly most researched on popular search engines such as Google amongst other dental procedures.
It is certainly the most cost effective and......

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View MoreShould I get my teeth whitened?

There are lots of advantages in getting your teeth whitened. When you smile, people take notice, and a brilliant white smile can give you new found confidence that people will instantly notice. It giv......

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View MoreTooth Decay

Soon after brushing, a thin sticky layer forms over the surface of your teeth which contains bacteria, this is referred to as plaque. When you eat anything containing sugar, the bacteria in plaque u......

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View MoreHow to Brush and Floss

The most important part of dental care is down to you. Brushing your teeth twice daily insures for healthier teeth and gums. And if you dread the dentist's chair then the best treatment is preventi......

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Flossing Tutorial

How to Floss Your Teeth

Brushing & Flossing

View MoreHow You Can Get Your Teeth Whitened

Speak to our friendly and informative team now! There are a few techniques that can be used by our cosmetic dentists to help you achieve that whiter, brighter smile. This may include tooth whitening t......

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View MoreThe Danger of Soft Drinks

In general, we all agree that soft drinks taste good. What many people do not realise is the dangerous toll this takes on your teeth. Sugar found in soft drinks react with the natural bacteria in your......

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View MoreYou Can't Hide Ugly, Chipped, Stained and Crooked Teeth

But you CAN fix them fast, with a comfortable Smile Make Over!

As a dentist, I see people every day who are ashamed of their teeth. Like the patient I talked to recently who burst into tear......

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View MoreTeeth Not Perfectly White - Dont Feel Embarrassed, its Normal

Contrary to many advertisements, it is difficult to obtain perfectly white teeth. Natural, healthy teeth have extremely subtle yellow, brown or grey tones. Shine a flashlight behind your front teet......

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View MoreBanish Bad Breath

A healthy mouth means fresh breath! Bad breath can affect those nearest and dearest to us. It can place strain on relationships as well as being socially embarrassing.

The main culprit ......

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View MoreOvercoming teeth grinding habits

There are a number of mind and body factors that contribute to excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding, and because it can often occur during sleep, many people often have no control over their actions.

The mix of factors is complicated and can include:
• Stress, from work, relationships or other forms of mental tension
• Physical stress on your body such as prolonged sickness
• Poor nutrition
• Physical abnormalities in your jaw or teeth

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View MoreTMJ Treatment - Neuromuscular Dentistry

Grinding your teeth? Suffering from frequent headaches, dizziness, back pain or neck pain? You may be suffering from TMJ Dysfunction.
The TMJ Joint (Temporomandibular Joint) refers to the two joints located in front of the ears, and is located where the upper and lower jaw connect. These joints are responsible for performing functions such as chewing and talking.

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