Dental Bonding

Suffering from a small gap, jagged edges or a chipped tooth?

Dental Bonding provides immediate results for aesthetically lacking teeth. Revitalizing the appearance of your smile, Dental Bonding could be the solution for you.

Within Optimal Dental we are motivated to create beautiful, natural smiles. Through the innovative technique of Dental Bonding, Dr Roman Lohyn will help you recapture the essence of your smile.

Dental Bonding uses a special putty-like composite resin which can be hardened in an instant, by high intensity light. Whilst in this putty-like state we can sculpt and mould it over the affected tooth. When the desired shape is achieved we zap it with high intensity light.

The greatest benefit of Dental Bonding is that the shade, translucency and texture of your natural teeth can be matched, meaning your oral restoration will actually enhance the appearance of your smile. Dental Bonding enables you to resolve your oral condition whist improving the aesthetic nature of your smile.

Located in Melbourne, Optimal Dental isdedicated to restoring your smile. We work with our patients, as a team, to create the results you desire.

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