Amalgam Free and Mercury Removal

Worried about exposure to Mercury during your dental treatment?

Mercury is a very toxic substance and may be absorbed by the body. Exposure to Mercury can have a detrimental impact on your general health, resulting in damage to vital organs, glands and systems within the body.

Optimal Dental in Melbourne for your oral and general well-being and our patients are always considered our first priority. Our principal dentist Dr Roman Lohyn has a keen interest in the area of dental amalgam mercury toxicity and has been providing Mercury-free dentistry since 1982. He has also been publicly active in advocating amalgam free dentistry to the profession, the public and to the government through lectures, articles and submissions to the NHMRC.

In earlier times, amalgam or silver/mercury fillings were the most popular form of oral restoration. Amalgam restorations are comprised of around fifty percent Mercury, which may be absorbed by the body. It has been clinically proven that Mercury vapor is continually leaking from older restorations and may result in serious health complications.

If you have an amalgam filling that you would like removed, we can help.

Dr Roman Lohyn uses non-toxic alternatives to Mercury based treatments. Porcelain Dentistry enables patients to resolve their oral condition without compromising the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

As the issue of amalgam removal and its effects on our body has been an important one to Dr Roman Lohyn since the 1980s, we have included some of the articles and research that he has authored on the subject. Click here to visit Dr Lohyn’s Articles.

Located in Collins Street Melbourne, Optimal Dental is a Mercury-free dental practice. We provide patients' with exceptional service and look forward to caring for your needs.

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